Information Technology
Analysis & Design is an Information Technology Analysis and Design company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (United States). The domain is also currently a web-hosting service providing space for role-playing game characters. Contact the webmaster for more information about either venture.

For your convenience, a linkbar has been provided to the left. For links to the currently-hosted profiles, please click on the 'Users' tab. For information about the management's Shadowrun, 3rd Edition Demonstration game, click on the 'KRUN' tab. For information on the management's IT Career path, click on the 'Professional' tab. For the management's Anime Music Videos, click on the 'AMV' tab. For out-of-game information about the LoneStar Security Systems campagin, please click on the 'LoneStar' tab.

For more information, and for information on how to contact the managment, please read about us. Come back often, as this page is always, and forever, under construction.