Status Update
Transitionary Period

Greetings, intrepid traveller!

Things, they are a-changing here at [technoclave], and we like to think they're changing for the better.

We've picked up two more domains to add to our slowly-growing family, and we're in the process of migrating one from one codebase to another. I'd like to introduce and Atomic Kiva, and encourage all of you to vist them when they're completed.

Unfortunately, they're not all there yet, and that's going to be a problem. For now, if you see an 302 page, and then this page when you try and visit them, that means we've not quite gotten them online yet.
We here at [technoclave]intend on keeping you up to date on the status of these pages, and you can do that right here:

Fri Jan 28 15:30:21 MST 2005
Started status logging
Fri Jan 28 15:36:53 MST 2005
Culled some unused userpages (any of the Gundam Pilots, some Shadowrun characters, all D&D pages) and speciality sections (Gundam, LoneStar, AMVs). Converted meme-complex to a different server, and was forced to down the site for approximately 24 hours.